About Jude


Jude is a disabled artist, immigrated to Canada in 2007. He has held solo exhibitions at the Toronto, Vermont, United States; Sydney and Toowoomba Australia; and in Nigeria.

His paintings, Batik Crafts , and limited-edition prints are a part of art collections in Houston, Texas, Toronto and Quebec City.

His work is also found in corporate and government collections in Canada and the countries he exhibited in.

Jude’s painting reflects a strong desire to imprint his visions of his life, heritage and Canada onto his paintings like can be seen in his love for some sculptures in Quebec City.

He draws on what he calls Canadian colours to create his images. Jude paints ordinary people engaged in ordinary activities to draw attention, nature and its connection with humans to what is extraordinary in life. His technique involves a juxtaposition of points/Dots and brushstrokes along with brilliant colours.

Jude lives and works in Canada.

Past Exhibitions

‘Beauty in Lines’ Part 1. Solo, Didi Museum Lagos 2002
McGregor Summer School Exhibition, USQ Toowoomba, Australia.2006.
Art Digenous Exhibition, Toowoomba, Australia.2006.

Gallery Cafe Solo Exhibition, Sydney Australia.2006.
PLAY On, PLAY Nigeria/Australia Exchange Project with Damien Kamholtz
Nuit de Blanche, Exhibition, Toronto, 2007.
Little Saints Orphanage Exhibition
PLAY On, Play Nigerian/Australia children part 2, 2009
Vermont Studio Burlington Exhibition USA.
YMCA Cultural Exhibition, 2011.
Cultural Heritage Black History Month Exhibition.2012.
Art Guild of Scarborough Art Exhibition.2012.
The Toronto Public Library Solo Exhibition, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Nuit Blanche Daniel Spectrum Solo Exhibition.2013.
Black History Month College Exhibition, Toronto 2013.
Toronto Cultural Hotspot Exhibition, 2013.
Paint Spot Exhibition, Edmonton AB.2014.
20th Annual Paint Spot Exhibition.Edmonton.2015.
Daffodil Gallery Exhibition Edmonton AB.2015.
Art Vancouver Exhibition, BC.2015, 2016 and 2017.
Art Fest Distillery District Toronto Exhibition, 2017.
Art Fest Kingston, On. Exhibition, 2018.
Toronto Watercolor Exhibition, 2018.
TO Uncovered Art Show, Toronto. 2019.
Visions Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2019.